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Scrotal Support Underwear for Men

There are certain times in a man’s life when he needs the best scrotum support he can find. Case in point that vasectomy. Unfortunately, ordinary boxer shorts don’t work. Even briefs don’t provide full scrotum support. Lauftex manufactures scrotal support underwear for those days when you need more support. It might be uncomfortable to think about. However, Lauftex is here to help people recover quickly and get back to normal. Our testicular support underwear is up for the task from varicocele caused by a vasectomy to sports injuries. Rest assured, we consulted with experts to make this varicocele underwear.

Durable Fabric and Construction

Lauftex manufactures varicocele underwear for men who need extra support while healing and still function with daily activities. We make all our medically supported underwear from a mixture of cotton and a polyester fabric blend that stretches then retains its original support. Our testicular support underwear moves with your body while protecting your scrotum in a durable “sheath” that keeps things stable. You’ll need to wear them until you’re healed.

Testicular Support Underwear Uses

While getting a vasectomy is generally a straightforward process, conditions sometimes require medical attention—for example, varicoceles, which does not always happen because of a vasectomy. When varicoceles often occur, the only treatment is surgery to redirect the blood flow. Men who undergo this type of surgery need medically recommended varicocele underwear.

The unique construction of the testicular support underwear keeps both of your testicles separate and stable in their own pockets or sheaths. This construction offers significant support while maintaining the fabric’s breathability. The result is an unmatched product for quality and support.

Designed for Comfort

Lauftex scrotal support underwear is the medical standard for varicocele underwear. We consulted with experts to design the best options for your medical recovery needs. Our dual sheath construction helps support each testicle as you recover from your surgery or injury. This design for the medical recovery process is something Lauftex values as a matter of its mission to help people heal after injuries.  

Easy Care

The Lauftex name means quality products that must perform without fail. That’s why when we set out to create our special testicular support underwear, we knew we had to get it right. Our scrotal support underwear is designed as varicocele underwear that is durable enough to wash regularly without losing support functionality. For best results, wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Or hand wash and hang to dry. Either way, your varicocele underwear will outlast your need to wear it.

Medical Grade Varicocele Underwear

After undergoing a vasectomy, many men feel pain and discomfort in their testicles. Even some groin injuries require testicular stabilization, and then there is the dreaded varicoceles condition that can come from a vasectomy, but not always. Consequently, your doctor may have recommended you wear special underwear. Lauftex is an industry leader in medically recommended recovery underwear and other medically necessary items. The unique support underwear goes by three names. Whatever the name, they all do the same thing. Medically supported testicular support underwear, scrotal support underwear, and varicocele underwear help men keep their testicles stable as they heal. And because we can’t just stop living our daily lives, Lauftex is here to help! The specially designed sheath keeps your testicles from moving as you move. This underwear reduces friction that other underwear may not.  

Experience the Lauftex Mission

Anytime someone wears a product with the Lauftex name, they wear quality. But the name goes beyond quality. When the founder started Lauftex, the goal was to bring affordable medical-grade products to the public. The premise is that some would take these needed clothing items and put huge price markups on them. Families shouldn’t have to spend large amounts of cash on medically necessary recovery clothing just to put money in the pockets of the middle people. 

  • Medically supported sheath design
  • Testicular support underwear
  • Breathable fabric reduces friction
  • Designed specifically for their use as testicular support
  • Easy care and wash
  • The durable fabric will outlast the need to wear them
  • Affordable price