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The posture corrector for women from Lauftex is an invaluable product for anyone who is struggling with posture issues or an injury to their back, neck, or shoulders. And, the brace is suitable for personal use or use as outlined by a medical professional.

Problems with your posture can arise for numerous reasons aside from injuries, including working from a desk for long hours and age. This item is designed to improve your day-to-day life by relieving pain or discomfort and improving your physical functioning. 

So, if you've been looking for a non-invasive solution to your back posture issues, this posture corrector for women may be exactly what you're searching for. 


One of the key benefits of this posture corrector from Lauftex is its non-invasive nature. With the aim to relieve any aches and pains, the brace firmly holds your back, shoulders, and spinal column in an optimal position. 

The fabric is blended with latex to create a mild to moderate level of compression. The stretch that the latex provides prevents any pain and stops the corrector from becoming too restrictive. However, it provides enough constriction so that the product remains effective. 

The corrector will retrain the muscles in your back until natural muscle memory keeps your spinal column in the correct position without assistance. And, while there is no set period of time for healing, people usually see results within a handful of months.

Allows Full Movement

One of the reasons the Lauftex posture corrector is considered the best posture correct for women is it doesn't limit movement or flexibility. Additionally, the garment is designed to be worn daily and to be suitable for use during a range of activities. 

So, whether you're sitting at your desk, taking a stroll, or going for a run, you will never feel restricted. 

Varied Sizing

Everyone is different, and bodies come in varying shapes and sizes. But, all women deserve access to a product that is effective in treating and improving poor back posture. That's why, despite benefiting from some stretch in the fabric, the Lauftex posture corrector for women is available in a range of sizes. 

The recommended sizes are as follows:

  • Small - chest measurement of 27.5 inches - 31.5 inches
  • Medium - chest measurement of 31.5 inches - 35.5 inches
  • Large - chest measurement of 35.5 inches - 39.3 inches
  • Extra Large - chest measurement of 39.3 inches - 43.3 inches

If you fall between two sizes, choosing the smaller size is usually is optimal as it will ensure effective compression. 

Nude Color

The posture corrector for women from Lauftex is designed for regular daily use. Therefore, it's essential that the brace discreetly fits under most clothing items. 

For that reason, the corrector is nude in color. The nude tone is the most understated as it is not visible under light or dark clothing. Nude can even be worn under white t-shirts to dresses without being overtly visible. 

Comfortable Material and Design

Your comfort is the most important aspect when wearing the Lauftex posture corrector. Therefore, you should be able to wear this product all day long with any soreness or discomfort. 

To facilitate long periods of use, the brace is designed specifically for women. Therefore, it sits comfortably beneath the bust, over the shoulders, and across the back. The design also features an easy-to-use velcro fastener on each shoulder and across the abdomen to enable users to put the garment on easily and adjust it where necessary.  

Correct Your Posture Today

The posture corrector from Lauftex is the best posture corrector for women on the market and is guaranteed to help you stand up taller.

So, if you've been looking for the perfect product to adjust the position of your spine, look no further and purchase the posture corrector from Lauftex today. 


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