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If a hernia has left you struggling to work out or complete your exercise training, then this Hernia Truss Underwear for Men from Lauftex is the remedy that will get you back on track. Specially designed based on scientific findings, this Hernia Truss Underwear will provide you with the support you need to ease the pain and discomfort you feel while working out.

Specially-Designed for Comfort and Durability

At Lauftex, we are dedicated to combining comfort and durability with functionality and design. Each pair of the new Hernia Truss Underwear provides an exceptionally high level of comfort and is built to last. You can depend on this underwear to support you and reduce your discomfort during every workout. Plus, the Hernia Truss Underwear is guaranteed to withstand even the most demanding of workouts. Available in either black or gray, and with sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-extra-large, this Hernia Truss Underwear is perfect for any man who is in need of support after suffering from a painful hernia. 

What is a hernia?

A hernia occurs when an organ or tissue protrudes through an opening in the muscle that keeps it in place. They commonly occur between your chest and hips in the abdomen, as well as in the upper thigh and groin areas. Hernias are not usually life-threatening, although they can become extremely painful and reduce your mobility or ability to exercise as you normally would. 

What is a hernia truss?

A hernia truss is a support garment for hernias that holds the protruding tissue in place in order to relieve discomfort; particularly when bending over, lifting heavy weights, and moving quickly during exercise. Hernia trusses are especially helpful when dealing with an inguinal hernia, which occurs when tissue protrudes through a tear or weak point in the abdominal muscles. Trusses offer temporary relief from this pain, making them ideal for activities like exercising that would otherwise cause major pain and discomfort.

When combined with an underwear garment such as in this Hernia Truss Underwear, the garment also offers relief from scrotal, groin, and double hernias due to the provided support across the entire lower abdomen. Hernia truss underwear is extremely easy and comfortable to wear and offers compression in the areas where you need it most. Hernia truss underwear can also be washed just as you would any other undergarment, and they are designed to be completely discreet.

Exercising with a Hernia

Although hernias can cause varying degrees of pain and discomfort, it is safe to exercise while you are suffering from one. Of course, you should always consult with your doctor before taking any risks. Once approved by your doctor, you can use this Hernia Truss Underwear to reduce your discomfort levels and complete your regular exercise routine. With the compression and support provided by the truss underwear, you can exercise as usual without worrying about pain getting in your way.

Hernia Truss Underwear Care Guidelines

Made with a blend of cotton, elastane, and nylon, this Hernia Truss Underwear is designed with easy care in mind. Simply wash in cold water on your machine's delicate setting with like colors. Set to tumble dry on low, and just like that, they are ready for their next use.

About Lauftex

In 2014, our co-founder Dimitry stood in an intensive care unit as a doctor gave him a list of items to purchase after his brother's motorbike accident. Unfortunately, when the time came to order these items online, they became impossible to find. Dimitry decided that the world needed a direct-to-consumer brand that produced affordable medical products—and he decided he would be the one to create it. Five years later, Lauftex is one of the most successful e-commerce health brands in Europe and the US. All Lauftex products are thoroughly researched and specially designed to heal and support the wearer.

At Lauftex, we know that you depend on your body's performance, so we have designed this Hernia Truss Underwear with bodybuilders, weightlifters, and exercise enthusiasts in mind. If you are looking for a hernia remedy that provides support, eases discomfort, and withstands even the toughest of workouts, then this is the solution for you. Defeat hernia pain once and for all by ordering your Lauftex Hernia Truss Underwear for Men today.


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