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If you have had to endure a hernia in the groin area, you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be. Virtually all movement is restricted and if you twist, bend or stretch the wrong way, it can be agonizing. Thankfully, with the Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men, some of the discomfort can be alleviated, virtually as soon as you put it on.

Pain, Discomfort and Limited Mobility – All Rolled Into One

An Inguinal Hernia is common to men but unique to each individual. Pre and post-operative, the area is sensitive, bulging and prone to giving you random reminders it is there. Post corrective surgery, patients can develop painful symptoms and general discomfort in the affected area and all around it.

The need for support, However, spans beyond the physical. Men suffering from an Inguinal Hernia frequently feel like they are “falling out” every time the hernia bulges. That can profoundly affect a person psychologically and lead them to feel uncomfortable in virtually every setting, regardless of whether the feeling is rational or not.

Plus, they are limited in what they can do. Everything from stretching to bending to turning is affected by the hernia. Mobility is severely limited and going against that feeling can result in catch-your-breath pain and discomfort.

Special Design

Fortunately, there is an answer to the physical, psychological and emotional discomfort. The Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men was designed for men and specifically to address problems caused by an Inguinal Hernia.

In fact, the Lauftex Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men is so supportive, it will feel like it is part of your post-operative groin hernia treatment regimen.

Contoured and fitted to merge with a man’s body and hold in place the affected tissue, it provides instant support and comfort. As important, that feeling as though you are falling apart is quickly replaced with a sense of confidence, born of the support the belt instantly provides.

Comfortable and Versatile

The Lauftex Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men is designed for active people, specifically to provide comfort and support while not interfering with daily life. It can be worn under clothing, over the underpants and is virtually invisible. Most people will not know you are wearing a hernia belt unless you decide you want to tell them.

It blends well with virtually every sort of attire, including casual wear, giving you the support you need without reminding you that you are wearing a hernia belt. Its unique design ensures that you can wear the hernia belt for as long as you need to, regardless of what you are doing.

A Fit for Everyone

No matter what your size or shape, there is an Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men for anyone that needs it. The sizing is below:

  • Small: 25 – 32.2 waist
  • Medium: 32.2 – 35.5 waist
  • Large: 35.5 – 39.4 waist
  • XL: 39.4 – 44

For correct measurement, size the Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men in the upper thigh area.

Made 7 percent elastane, the hernia belt stretches to accommodate your unique shape, providing support where it is needed while not causing discomfort.


Hopefully, you will not have to wear the Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men for very long, but if you do, the combination of 56 percent polyamide and 37 percent cotton, along with the elastane, stands the test of your active lifestyle while keeping in place what you need to stay put.

Wash it as you would any undergarment, using a delicate detergent and your hernia belt will be there to support you for as long as you need it.

A Trusted Name

Lauftex is a company born of a need, observed firsthand. All its products are designed to address specific medical needs and make life easier for those suffering from hernias, back pain, pregnancy-associated discomfort and multiple other physical ailments that demand support while not sacrificing comfort or versatility.

If you are suffering from an Inguinal Hernia, comfort and support are as important as getting treatment and a permanent fix. The Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men gives you the support you need as soon as you put it on and you do not have to worry about your hernia or how the hernia belt melds with your regular clothing.

For more information on the Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men, contact Lauftex today.


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