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Soft, Durable and Breathable Fabrics: Cotton and Elastane.

Designed for caesarean sections ( C Section ), bariatric surgeries, exploratory laparotomy, hysterectomies, tummy tucks, and even spinal surgery.

Easy to wear. Detachable gusset. Supporting elements on hooks.

This Postpartum Belly Band is intended to be placed and fixed in the abdominal area to help the anterior and lateral abdominal walls take the correct position after surgery.

Hand wash only with fastened Velcro, Do not iron. Do not use solvents, bleaches and dry cleaning.

At Lauftex, we’re focused on bringing effective medical products to the market, so that our customers can gain the peace of mind they need to live their lives on their own terms. Lauftex C Section Underwear, Post Surgery, Postpartum Belly Band are designed for regular wear.