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Get quick ankle and foot pain relief with this pair of Lauftex ankle compression sleeve support for women and men. The comfortable unisex compression sleeve stabilizes and supports ankles and feet when sports-related injuries, such as sprains, try to keep you on the bench.

Slip on this lightweight yet dynamic ankle support sleeve to continue playing basketball, volleyball, and other sports when pain and swelling are holding you back from the activities you love or the work you need to get done.

Support Where It's Needed

Covering the ankle, Achilles, heel, arch, instep, and metatarsals, the Lauftex ankle compression sleeve for women and men provides secure, bracing support in what are often problematic areas of the foot. Resulting in lessened pain and more comfort, the compression sleeve's design increases blood circulation for greater endurance, soothing support, and reduced swelling where it's most needed. 

When weakened ankles are holding you back from taking part in activities you love, the Lauftex ankle compression sleeve adds energizing support needed to prevent rolling, reduce swelling and prevent pain or new injuries from occurring.

Wear this excellently designed ankle compression sleeve when an injury needs pampering or to keep ankles and feet from becoming injured as you engage in sports like basketball or volleyball that rely on quick, active foot movements.

Solutions for Work or Play

This Lauftex ankle compression sleeve benefits women and men in a variety of everyday situations that cause or aggravate ankle- or foot-related pain. Slide on this pair of attractive support sleeves when:

  • Extra support is needed playing basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, soccer, bowling, golfing, skiing or working out at the gym
  • Comfort is necessary for exercising, for example, when jogging, cycling, hiking, rock-climbing, dancing, weight-lifting, doing yoga or pilates
  • Jobs are physically demanding or require long periods of walking or standing in place

The boost in circulation from wearing this ankle compression sleeve for women and men lessens fatigue to let you work or play for longer periods without discomfort.

Become more aware of the ankle joint and the need for increased support whether doing intensive training for sports or taking long walks. The Lauftex ankle compression sleeve for women and men provides true feelings of joint security and comfort as circulation is increased and stability is achieved during workouts. 

Wear these compression sleeves day or night to keep pain at bay when an injury is affecting your daily comfort levels. Continue to work at jobs that demand long hours of standing or engage in the activities you love while remaining pain-free as your ankle regains freedom of movement while wearing this comfortable pair of compression sleeve supports.

Helps Relieve Ankle Pain

Reduce or eliminate ankle and other types of foot-related pain when wearing this pair of ankle compression sleeves. Relieve a variety of uncomfortable issues with this supportive foot cover, such as discomfort stemming from:

  • Injuries, whether sports-related or due to other causes
  • Arthritis pain
  • Sprains
  • Swelling
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Ankle pain in general

Comfortable to Wear

Simple to slip onto the foot, the Lauftex ankle compression sleeve support for women and men fits snugly without being a chore to get on. The fit is ergonomically correct, providing a cozy, supportive feel without uncomfortably restricting blood circulation. 

Thin enough to wear beneath shoes and socks, these compression sleeves let you retain your full mobility as you participate in sports, exercises and other active endeavors without pain or bulkiness limiting your movements. The sleeve's moisture-wicking material also keeps feet dry and odor-free as you go about your activities.

Quality Design

The quality stitching and high-performance, breathable fabric used to design our ankle support sleeves are top-notch for adding durability and comfortable compressive action over long periods of time. Whether worn on a daily basis or just when needed, the Lauftex ankle support sleeve provides excellent overall protection and assistance for reducing fatigue, pain and swelling. 

The modern design weaves eclectic orange lines against a dark background to make a striking addition to any wardrobe, whether sporty or casual. 

Great Fit

Find your perfect fit when choosing an ankle support sleeve from Lauftex. The Lauftex ankle compression sleeve support for women and men comes in five sizes, ranging from small to extra-extra large to fit a variety of foot dimensions and shoe sizes. Use the Lauftex sizing recommendations to determine the best ankle support sleeve size for you.