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Soothe and support with the C-section belly band. Using the right abdominal binder after a c section can relieve pain, reduce swelling and help new parents move. The C-section belly band provides comprehensive support and protects the surgical incision for better healing and safer movement. 

Simple to Use

The C-Section belly band can be worn over underwear or on the naked body. Separate bands wrap around, so there's no bending and twisting to get the binder on. Lying in a prone position, wrap the bands gently but firmly around the stomach and wear the binder during the day. Remove at night and hand wash when necessary.

Medically Recommended

The gentle compression and extra support offered by an abdominal binder after c section can improve posture, shape the muscles, and reduce stress. In the weeks directly following birth, the uterus contracts back to it's original size and organs and muscles shift back to their pre-pregnancy positions. After c section, there is the additional concern of pain, scar tissue and potential injury to the incision. The C section belly band reduces risk and provides extra stability. 

Versatile and Multi-Purpose

While the C section belly band is designed to provide support after a c section, it can be beneficial in other circumstances. Many doctors recommend binders after other types of abdominal surgery such as hysterectomies, tummy tucks, bariatric surgeries and even spinal surgery. Belly bands can also be useful following vaginal birth, helping the uterus contract and easing post-delivery bleeding and muscle strain. 

Helps With Diastasis Recti

Pregnancy lengthens and can weaken abdominal muscles. It's common for the two primary muscles running down the center of the stomach to separate during pregnancy, a condition called diastasis recti. This can reduce mobility, damage posture, cause back and pelvic pain, and increase the risk of injury. 

A postpartum girdle for diastasis recti can reduce these risks and even help the condition resolve. The C section belly band protects posture and supports those core muscles while gently pressing them into the correct position. 

Reduces Stress

Following a major surgery, many new parents who've had a c section worry about further injury. Pain and swelling can make rest and caring for a new born difficult. Gentle all day support can help relieve those worries and provide more stability, letting new parents focus on their family. 

Increases Oxygen and Blood Flow

Movement is essential to healing from surgery, but can be difficult when pain and swelling get in the way. The C section belly binder encourages a wider range of movement and proper posture. This can help speed healing, reduce the development scar tissue, and strengthen muscles against future injury.

Warns of Further Complications

If you experience pain while wearing the C section belly band, that can be a sign to see a doctor. Issues like infection, reopened wounds, or damaged muscles may be noticed and corrected more easily when a belly band is there to help reduce more typical pain. 

Supports All Core Muscles

Designed to provide abdominal and back support, the C section belly band wraps around the body from the lower chest to the hips. This supports the lateral and anterior walls of the abdomen. Bracing the back and curving around the stomach, the belly band is designed to support core muscles that let you sit, stand, bend, twist, walk and carry your baby. 

Aids Bonding

Pain can get in the way of caring for a new born. The C section belly band makes it easier to hold and lift the baby with a lower risk of injury. Reduced pain and worry allow more time for parent and baby to bond. 

Discrete and Comfortable

As you begin to heal, the C section belly band lets you go out without worry. It's easier to enjoy celebrations for the baby, outings with friends, errands and follow up appointments with the additional support of a postpartum girdle. The C section baby band fits easily under clothing without awkward lumps or additional attention drawn to the stomach.

Specially Designed 

The C section belly band is made from 37% cotton for breathability, 56% polyamides and 7% elastane for support and flexibility. Available in multiple sizes to support the contours of your body, this belly band provides top comfort and support all day any day you need it, from the birth all the way to recovery.



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