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  • Neoleor Facial Masks for Women an immediate wrinkle-reducing action. Extremely effective, instantly enhances luminosity and freshness on face and eyes. Use it on your special days like weddings, meetings, parties, dates
  • Self-organizing 3D matrix of silica microparticles penetrates the deep epidermal layers and actively straightens the sell layers. Gold provides quick and deep penetration, natural oils, grape seed, rose, and borage provide additional nutrition and regeneration
  • Neoleor products are manufactured according to the latest cosmetic findings and strictest quality controls in Israel.
  • How to use: knead the sachet for 30 - 40 seconds, without opening it. Apply the thin layer of the contents on the previously cleansed and damp face, upper & lower eyelid, neck. Periodically soak the skin to prevent the compound from rolling.
  • Observe a state of rest, preferably lying, do not talk. Exposure - 30 minutes until completely dry. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry with a towel. Use serum & cream until completely absorbed. You will see an immediate anti-aging effect treatment with, no surgery needed