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One Size Fits All (waist from 11.4 inches to 20.4 inches)

If you’re in need of a hernia belt for babies, look no further. Here at Lauftex, we’re focused on bringing the medical products that our customers need to relieve their symptoms. The new Lauftex Baby Hernia Belt helps to relieve hernia symptoms in newborns and the umbilical band provides a comfortable fit around your newborn’s delicate belly.

The Lauftex Baby Hernia Belt provides direct compression on the hernia to help relieve pain. In addition, consistent use also prevents the impaction and abasement of a hernial sac, keeping your baby healthy throughout their recovery.

  • For Use In Babies Up To 3 Years Old
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Stretchable & Adjustable

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