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The hernia and pelvic support belt from Lauftex is an essential product for any woman dealing with hernias or pelvic organ prolapse. Designed for ultimate comfort and performance, this hernia belt for women will give you peace of mind to enjoy your day without the worry of pain and swelling. 

So, if you're looking for a discreet and effective garment to aid the healing of your pelvic hernia, this breathable belt with a detachable gusset from Lauftex is the perfect product for you. 

Compression Bandage for Pain Control

The goal of a hernia belt is to keep any protruding tissue in place and relieve discomfort and pain. This is achieved by applying moderate compression to the area. 

Therefore, this hernia belt is designed with a tight compression bandage in a pocket over the lower abdomen and groin area. With this perfectly positioned compression bandage, the support belt promises to improve the symptoms of your pelvic prolapse. 

While a supportive hernia belt for women with a pelvic organ prolapse like this one from Lauftex can relieve uncomfortable symptoms and act as a bridge prior to hernia surgery, it cannot be considered a long term treatment for prolapse. Therefore, those wearing the belt should always seek medical intervention when dealing with a hernia. 

Designed for Regular Wear

One of the main benefits of this pelvic support belt is that it is designed for regular wear and to be durable over time. 

Made from long-lasting cotton and elastane materials, the hernia support belt can endure numerous washes and is designed to last the length of your pelvic organ prolapse recovery.

However, it should also be noted that this product is suitable for handwashing only and cannot be ironed, bleached, or dry cleaned. 

Detachable Gusset

One of the main aims of Lauftex's hernia belt is to make life easier and more manageable for those healing from pelvic organ prolapse. Therefore, this undergarment features a detachable gusset. 

The detachable gusset has four hook and eye latches that enable users to use the bathroom with ease at any time. This is particularly beneficial when you're on the go or in a rush as your pelvic support belt remains in place at all times and does not that a long time to reposition. 

Breathable Fabric

These pelvic organ prolapse underwear are not only designed with durability in mind but also comfort. It's all well and good having a sturdy hernia belt, but if its rigidity impacts your comfort, it's not doing its job properly. 

The Lauftex support belt optimizes both durability and comfort with its cotton and elastane fabric blend. The lightweight nature of the cotton improves breathability, while the elastane increases stretch and enables fluid movement. That way, you can wear this hernia belt no matter what you're doing. 

Varied Sizing

Here at Lauftex, we know that not every woman is the same size, but all women deserve access to effective hernia symptom treatment when dealing with a pelvic organ prolapse. 

That's why the pelvic support belt is sold in a range of sizes. The available sizes include:

  • Small - 36-38 inch hip
  • Medium - 38-40 inch hip
  • Large - 40-41 inch hip
  • Extra Large - 42-44 inch hip
  • Extra, Extra Large - 44-46 inch hip

It is recommended that those who fall between sizes size down rather than up to ensure the hernia compression remains effectual.  

Discreet Color

Having a pelvic organ prolapse can be a stressful experience and, while there is no shame in dealing with a prolapse, it's often something people like to keep private. Therefore, this pelvic support belt is sold in a discreet nude color. 

The nude color allows the undergarment to be worn beneath any colored clothing without being noticeable. Therefore, you can go out in light or white-coloured pants without any problem.

Additionally, the belt is not just understated in color but also in design. That way, it can be worn under tight or loose-fitting clothing without a problem. 

Relieve Your Pelvic Prolapse Pain Today

No one wants to experience a pelvic organ prolapse, but when you do, it doesn't need to be excruciatingly painful. If you're struggling with the pain caused by a prolapse, consider the pelvic support belt from Lauftex. 


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