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LAUFTEX Hernia Support Belt

Using our hernia support belts, we help those who suffer pain and discomfort lead normal lives as they recover from hernias. The LAUFTEX collection of hernia support belts help everyday people keep their normal routine. These hernia belts assist in the rehabilitation and recovery of hernia-related conditions in both men and women. For example, left side inguinal hernia, which is common among men but rarer among women. Conversely, pelvic organ prolapse occurs in women more than men, primarily because women and men have different physiologies. LAUFTEX brings effective medically supported products to men and women, designed to relieve a specific condition. For instance, relief from hernias and pelvic organ prolapse.

Durable Material for Everyday Use

LAUFTEX hernia support belts are made with quality materials you already wear every day to make your life more comfortable. Made with cotton, elastane, and nylon, these undergarments counter criticism that comes from wearing medically prescribed garments. Better yet. Durable construction means you can wear them every day and not worry about them not working properly. All LAUFTEX products are created with easy washing instructions. Gently wash in cold water on the delicate cycle with other items of the same general color. Next, throw them in the dryer on the lowest heat setting and you’re done.

A Hernia Support Belt for all Medical Needs

We put compression in the perfect spot. The umbilical hernia belt for women and men keeps internal organs from coming through the abdominal cavity. When combined with compression pads, single or double, the LAUFTEX umbilical hernia belt for women and men helps keep you active and going strong.

Unfortunately, we sometimes suffer from injuries we cannot avoid, many of which result in a hernia-type injury. In response, LAUFTEX uses scientific research to design medical products that enhance our modern lifestyles. In addition to treating abdominal protrusions and contusions, our belts help you heal from epigastric, ventral, umbilical, and incisional hernias.

One of the most challenging post-operative surgery recoveries comes from the removal of part or all of your intestine. Indeed, an ostomy belt for men and women, after colostomy is the best option for those who want to be semi-active during post-operative surgery recovery.

Hernia Care for Men

LAUFTEX produces two types of hernia care solutions for men. If you care for an inguinal hernia, you’ll know why compression pads are crucial for comfort. Our hernia truss underwear for men is made for active people that need to keep pressure on a specific region. This pressure should stay in place for maximum effectiveness. Using physiological science, LAUFTEX designed hernia truss underwear for men that are durable enough for everyday wear.

LAUFTEX also produces the classic hernia belt for men. The pain and discomfort often associated with post-surgery can be reduced with a hernia belt, provided the patient wears it. Because they are made from a polyamide, cotton, and elastane material blend, these hernia belts can be worn every day for ongoing hernia care.

Hernia Care for Women

From health complications after giving birth to post-operative c-section care, LAUFTEX designed pelvic organ prolapse underwear with comfort in mind. Regular use of pelvic organ prolapse underwear helps in post-op surgery for hernia recovery. Like our other products, the pelvic organ prolapse underwear contains a blend of cotton and elastane. This combination lets you move around while still putting pressure on the affected area.

The LAUFTEX Difference

The LAUFTEX difference refers to the direct-to-consumer availability of medical-grade products. This means a doctor prescribes a specific brace or belt, then you find it online and then buy it. No need to visit a medical supply store where prices will have a considerable markup.  

Additionally, our hernia support belts and undergarments are made from durable and breathable fabrics that are machine washable. We design and manufacture our hernia support belts and undergarments for the active lifestyle. The LAUFTEX difference combines endurance and flexibility as you recover from surgery.

The Support You Need

When co-founder Dimitri’s bother was seriously hurt in a bike accident in 2014, he knew he had to find a way to help. His brother’s recovery would be hampered if he could not get the right medical equipment. LAUFTEX products bring families closer together by letting them worry about their loved ones, not where they will get medically prescribed equipment. Remember, all our hernia support belts and undergarments are

  • 100% machine washable in warm water
  • Breathable and durable
  • Made from fabric that helps keep sweat away from your body