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Chest support brace provides thorax support. They are commonly worn after receiving treatment for chest or back pain, injuries, surgeries, and more.  Lauftex Chest Support Brace provides health benefits, comfortable and cool to the touch thanks to its moisture-absorbing capacity.

Provides comfort during the recovery process

The Lauftex Chest Support Brace features an innovative design, offering adequate support to the chest. Additionally, it gives the chest area robust immobilization and firm support. As a result, Lauftex Chest Support Brace facilitates the healing process by offering safety and comfort.

Allows just enough room for vital movements for comfort

In addition to being highly flexible and breathable, Lauftex Chest Support Brace also helps absorb excess moisture. This feature helps you maintain optimal body temperatures while undertaking rigorous physical activities. Furthermore, this chest support brace allows the user to breathe freely and offers stability.

Tailored for your precise needs

The brace is designed to distribute the pressure evenly over its surface area to align with the human anatomy. As a result, it provides firm support to the rib area and the sternum. Users get to enjoy cozy compression capabilities as the brace conforms to the shape of their bodies.

Offers the most suitable support for several conditions

Ideally, the chest support brace is meant to be worn following a surgery for which the patients must be immobilized and well-supported. Examples of situations in which users stand to benefit from using it in the period following rib or sternum fracture, sternotomy, an open heart, or thoracic surgery.

Discreet and lightweight

The materials used to make this chest brace are incredibly lightweight. For that reason, it's a good material for casual outfits. Additionally, the superior design of the chest brace makes it easy to walk around the brace underneath your clothes. 

Taking care of your chest support brace

Chest support braces vary widely in their design and function. In some cases, a doctor may recommend getting a chest support brace to aid your recovery after undergoing surgery that involves the chest area. How long you should wear the mount depends on the nature and severity of the health issue.

You can take off the chest brace daily while cleaning. Here are a few tips to avoid the mount from becoming worn out too quickly.

  •  Ensure that the chest brace fits snugly enough to immobilize all chest movements other than the most basic movements.
  • Get a support brace that features padding to make it comfortable.
  • Make sure you maintain proper hygiene under the brace.
  • Avoid using lotions or similar products under the brace as they may damage it.
  • Check the skin for any sign of irritation or other issues whenever you remove the brace.
  • Use mild soap to clean the pads that contact your skin.

While they may be temporary, chest support braces play an essential role in the user's well-being because they allow the chest area to heal. Knowing the right way to wear the brace and taking care of it helps improve your speedy and effective chances.