C Section Belly Band


Pelvic Support Belt, Organ Prolapse Underwear


C-Section Recovery Belts and Underwear

At LAUFTEX we care about your c section surgery recovery. We started our company by providing quality medical-grade products to consumer-facing customers. Our customers have peace of mind knowing our products perform as promised. The LAUFTEX C-Section Recovery Belt and other supportive underwear give new mothers a chance to live their lives on their terms. From post-surgery recovery to caring for your newborn, our c-section recovery belts and under help new mothers overcome the challenges caused by coping with post-op surgery pain. We know comfort is crucial to wellbeing during recovery. Consequently, our are designed for regular wear as you develop your regular maternity routines.

Designed With Life in Mind

LAUFTEX designs and sells c-section recovery belts that help you get you back to normal. Made with moveable fabric, our c-section recovery belts move with you as you ease back into daily routines. LAUFTEX uses a blend of cotton and elastane in its C-Section Recovery Belts, giving you support and flexibility. With our breathable, durable, and most importantly, soft fabric, you’ll feel safe knowing your c-section care happens without complications.

Postpartum Underwear and Other Uses

The postpartum period of motherhood can be challenging for mothers, especially if they must cope with the pain associated with a c-section post-op surgery recovery. Underwear that gives new mothers the body support they need is crucial to coping with depression often associated with the postpartum period. Postpartum underwear is one of a handful of c-section recovery items LAUFTEX offers.

We are passionate about recovering from surgery with medical-grade equipment, not those solutions you find at the drug store. Some new mothers might even be tempted to wear our products as c-section recovery pants over other pants. LAUFTEX products also work for other abdominal-focused surgeries. For example, bariatric surgery is often elective and can have similar recovery times for other surgeries. Indeed, we sell more than just a standard c-section recovery belt.

C-Section Belly Band

Sometimes all new mothers need is some extra help getting back to normal. LAUFTEX is an expert at recovering for normal. We offer a c-section belly band that gives new mothers the soothing comfort of the support. A mother’s job never ends. Our c-section belly band helps reduce swelling with comprehensive support. The c-section belly band also protects an incision from moisture and other elements that could delay healing time. Designed with adjustable compression belts, the c-section belly band can be easily put on and taken off. Additionally, it can be worn under your clothes next to your skin or over your clothes.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse Underwear and Hernia Belt for Women

At LAUFTEX, we don’t just design and manufacture c-section medical recovery items. We also have other items that help women get back to their normal routines. For example, our pelvic organ prolapse underwear and hernia belts are designed specifically for a woman’s body. Our pelvic prolapse underwear has a pocket that contains a tight bandage in the groin and lower abdomen area. Our hernia belts for women put pressure in the correct area on a woman’s body. We understand that if you don’t wear your medical recovery equipment you won’t recover. Thus, LAUFTEX designs products with comfort in mind so that you’ll want to wear them for your personal well-being.  

LAUFTEX Equals Easy Care

LAUFTEX c-section recovery belts and postpartum underwear are manufactured under the strictest quality standards. With care, your medical-grade surgery recovery items will withstand daily living and washing. Hand washes in warm water or on the gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent and use care to not mix with other clothing items that might bleed color. Then tumble dry on low heat. Take care to manage the fabric so its supportive qualities remain effective. Some items like the c-section recovery belt should be air-dried. This ensures the elastic qualities in the fabric blend retain their restorative qualities.

Get Back to Normal

LAUFTEX began business with a vision of bringing wearable medical-grade recovery items to ordinary humans. You can’t get any more human than motherhood. We embrace humanness and design c-section recovery belts, therapeutic underwear, and hernia belts that help moms be happier mothers. In addition, our products have many uses that add to a woman’s quality of life. For example:

  • Bariatric surgery is life-changing
  • Exploratory laparotomy can be intrusive
  • Hysterectomies
  • Plastic surgery such as tummy tucks
  • Spinal surgery

At LAUFTEX, we help you get your normal back.