Lauftex Announces Launch of New Orthotic Slippers For Women & Men With Arch Support

Lauftex is proud to announce the launch of a brand-new product specifically designed to revolutionize the slipper market for both men and women. The new Lauftex Orthotic Slippers for Women & Men with Arch Support is a unique product that delivers quality, durability, comfort, and style all in one. As one of the most luxurious pairs of slippers available on the market today at a consumer price that doesn’t break the bank, Lauftex delivers on its promise to provide effective footwear that solves a problem.

Lauftex Orthotic SlippersLauftex Orthotic Slippers

“Slippers are part of our daily lives – just like sneakers, sport shoes, high-heeled shoes, etc. And yet, far too many men and women are able to access the supportive pair of slippers they need to receive the best possible experience. Our Orthotic Slippers provide a unisex solution that delivers on comfort, price, and most importantly, support,” says Dimitry Afanasyev, COO of Lauftex.

Each pair of Orthotic Slippers is produced carefully from 100% natural wool to provide a comfortable and antibacterial footwear solution for the wearer. From there, advanced form-fitting technology helps to ensure that the wearer’s foot is supported regardless of their natural foot shape. The slipper naturally contours to the curves of the foot to provide maximum comfort and support with each and every stride.

“Our technology has completely changed the game for slippers. We believe that with endless color and style options, the warm, comfortable, and cozy feel of natural wool, and the supportive nature of our product check all the boxes for today’s consumers.”

To learn more about the Lauftex Orthotic Slippers for Women & Men with Arch Support, visit their our official website or Amazon store page today. Here, you can read about the product’s features and browse through sizes and color options.