Types of Hernia Support Garments: Everyone Should Know

Types of Hernia Support Garments: Everyone Should Know

The Lauftex Hernia support collection is a set of well-designed hernia belts that are helpful in keeping your hernia content inside your abdominal walls. People diagnosed with a hernia often have a tough time bearing through the pain and require immediate medical attention. However, certain people might need time before getting treated, either due to medical conditions or personal reasons. That’s when Lauftex’s abdominal hernia belt might come in handy in improving your situation. 

Wearing a hernia support belt or garment could help keep your hernia contents safe both before and after the surgery. These will gently apply compression to the area of discomfort and help prevent the occurrence of any additional hernias. We at Lauftex might be able to help you with this as we could be your one-stop shop to get affordable abdominal hernia support belts and hernia support garments. These will provide you with aid in doing your daily chores without any discomfort.  

Both men and women have different anatomy, which is kept in mind while making these hernia support belts. The type of hernia you are suffering from also determines the type and quality of the hernia belts you need.  

The types of abdominal hernia belt include:

  1. Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men-

The left side inguinal hernia is quite common amongst men and generally causes pain and discomfort in the groin region. That’s when an inguinal hernia belt for males comes to the rescue. These specially designed garments keep the protruding tissue in place, allowing the person to move without discomfort. You can wear these under your clothing over your underpants. The bandage helps reduce the existing protruding tissue while preventing the recurrence of the existing one.   

inguinal hernia belt
  1. Hernia Truss Underwear for Men

Lauftex has brought all you adrenaline junkies this comfortable hernia truss underwear for men that provides unparalleled compatibility to the users during rigorous workout sessions. These are designed specifically for providing assistance and support to men during their training sessions. During heavy weight training and mobility exercises, you can use the truss to help hold the protruding tissue in place during physical activity, making working out easy.

hernia truss underwear

  1. Pelvic Support Belt, Organ Prolapse Underwear

This hernia support belt and organ prolapse underwear from Lauftex has proved quite effective in providing comfort to the user. This product is a mixture of belt and underwear that provides inguinal hernia support for females and allows them to do their day-to-day activities. Wearing this will relieve you from all the discomfort you have been experiencing from the swelling and pain of hernia and put your mind at ease. These have proved quite effective in treating pelvic hernias in women and can be discreetly worn with your regular clothing.

  1. Umbilical Hernia Belt for Women and Men

These umbilical abdominal hernia belts for men and women are popular and generally recommended by medical practitioners before and after the patient’s surgery. These have been quite effective for patients with abdominal contusions and protrusions and have helped improve the patient's condition. In a few cases, these umbilical hernia belts have even worked a charm by providing an alternative for the patient’s surgery. 

umbilical hernia belt

We at Lauftex are trying to provide you with high-quality hernia truss and abdominal hernia belt that could act as a home remedy and help improve your condition. Our entire set of products is made using good quality cotton, nylon, and elastane with the sole intent to help improve your medical condition.