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Can Pregnancy Cause Back Pain? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Pregnancy is a beautiful time when you can prepare for the exciting parenting journey and watch your baby grow. Since now there are two of you, your body needs to adjust accordingly, which might be hard on your back.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Around 50-70 percent of pregnant women experience back pain during pregnancy. Often, it occurs between the fifth and seventh months of pregnancy.

Let’s look at why pregnancy can cause back pain and what you can do to relieve it.

What Causes Back Pain During Pregnancy?

“Based on several studies, the prevalence rate of back pain among pregnant women has been reported to be between 50% and 75%, greater than the one-year prevalence rate of back pain in the general population (40%). The majority of back pain during pregnancy can be classified into two subgroups with different pain patterns and distinguishing features: lower back pain (LBP) and posterior pelvic pain (PPP).”

Dr. Jordan Duncan, Owner of Silverdale Sport & Spine

Pregnancy back pain usually occurs where your pelvis meets the spine at the sacroiliac joint. You can experience backache due to several reasons. Here are some of the most prevalent ones:

Changes in Hormones

Your pelvic area and joints need to become more relaxed and looser for the birth process. That’s why during pregnancy, your body releases a particular hormone called relaxin. However, it might also loosen ligaments that support your spine, leading to back pain.

Weight Gain

Normally, women gain from 25 to 35 pounds of extra weight due to the developing pregnancy and baby. It creates more pressure, and your back has to support all that additional weight. As a result, it can cause lower back pain.

Gravity Center Shift

While the uterus and body grow, your center of gravity will slowly start moving forward. It leads to changes in your posture, which can also cause back pain or strain.

Poor Posture

Since you’re now getting used to the extra weight and changes in your posture, you might notice that excessive standing, hunching your back, or bending can contribute to the back pain.


Pregnancy can be one of the most magical moments of your life, yet it might also bring you a great deal of both emotional and physical stress. As a result, during stressful moments of your life, you might experience increased pregnancy back pain.

How to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy?

You might not prevent pregnancy back pain completely, yet there are still a few things you can do to alleviate it. Here are a few of them:

1. Exercise

Do gentle activities like swimming, walking, or stationary cycling regularly to strengthen your back and gain more flexibility. Always consult your doctor to help you create a proper and pregnancy-safe workout regimen.

“The key to preventing back pain during pregnancy is to start it before pregnancy. Do exercises regularly to relax your muscles, practice correct posture especially when lifting heavy objects. Don't worry if you are already pregnant, you still can prevent the back pain with some exercises.”

Dr. Sashini Seeni, General Practitioner of Medicine at DoctorOnCall

2. Look after your posture

Slouching might worsen your back pain and lead to straining the spine. Practice good posture while working, sitting, walking, and sleeping. It can help reduce lower back pain.

3. Do not lift heavy objects

If you need to lift something off the ground, squat instead of bending.

4. Wear comfortable shoes

Choose shoes that provide great arch support and avoid high heels.

5. Avoid sleeping on your back

Try falling asleep on your side and use a pregnancy support pillow if needed.

6. Consider visiting a chiropractor

A chiropractor might adjust your back to help reduce pain.

7. Consider trying acupuncture

“Acupuncture is a great, natural, remedy for back pain in pregnancy. It is safe to receive acupuncture in pregnancy from a licensed acupuncturist trained in providing the technique during all stages of pregnancy. It is side effect free and very effective. Acupuncture relaxes muscles, which can cause an immediate reduction in back pain.”

Kerry Boyle D.Ac., L.Ac., Acupuncturist at Integrative Acupuncture

8. Wear a maternity belt

Try wearing a pregnancy support belt under your abdomen, or you can also use Lauftex Kidney Warmer during the early stages of pregnancy to alleviate the symptoms of back pain.

“Proper maternity support belts can help prevent or minimize back pain in pregnancy. A support belt can improve support around the abdomen, which can decrease lordosis in the low back. A pregnancy support belt can also be used as a postural reminder to maintain proper mechanics with activities.”

Lisa Alemi, DPT, ATC, Physical Therapist at Move Mama Move

9. Get enough sleep and rest

It helps you stay relaxed and minimize stress during pregnancy.

10. Avoid standing for a long time

Standing puts pressure on your back. Now that your body becomes bigger and changes its gravity center try taking breaks in between and resting our feet on an elevated surface.

11. Choose an ergonomic office chair

If you work from home and sit for extended periods of time, make sure your chair provides good lumbar support.

12. Prenatal yoga

“Many women choose to take prenatal yoga classes during their pregnancy to reduce lower back pain and relieve stress. During the class, specific movements will be implemented to strengthen and stretch the lower back muscles. There is also the mindfulness element of the class. Deep breathing techniques and meditation can help to reduce stress and relax the body when tension might be causing back pain.”

Sophia Nomicos, Founder of the Parenting Network Mas and Pas

The Takeaway

Pregnancy is the period of your life that requires a lot of emotional, mental, and physical energy. Due to the changes in your body during pregnancy, you might experience various symptoms you’ve never had before, including back pain.

Usually, back pain disappears by itself after giving birth. If you suffer from pregnancy back pain, try following the healthy lifestyle tips we mentioned above and practice positive thinking.

However, make sure to consult your doctor before taking any medications, especially if you notice your symptoms becoming more severe.

At Lauftex, we’re focused on bringing effective medical products to the market so that you can gain the peace of mind you need to live your life on your own terms. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products and expertise.